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Knitted jersey fabric ; all our products are made from jersey fabric. Soft, smooth, comfortable and breathable.


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5 reasons to buy Kobe Tekstil's jersey bedding textile : 

1) Knitted jersey fabric ; all our products are made from jersey fabric. Soft, smooth, comfortable and breathable.Kobe Tekstil’s jersey knitted Turkish cotton which gives the fabric a soft finish while providing durability and ultra breathability and  made of endless threads, allowing the fabric to move, stretch and fit perfectly your mattress. Kobe knitted sheets let upgrade your bed to breathable status.

2) Kobe Textile Jersey products are made from 100% qualited Turkish cotton.Turkish cotton is known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.Turkish cotton is soft and absorbent, than quite as much as the other alternatives.

3) Oeko-Tex® certified ,the definitive mark of excellence for products that are healthy for you and healthy for the environment.

4) Kobe Textile jersey offers direct sales

5) Kobe Tekstil jersey does care Satisfied Customer

As Kobe textile ,we are here to help make that dream bed and mattress come to life with a little planning and care.
Kobe Textile Teamwork does try to make the dreams come true with comfortable and with a nice aesthetic.
1. Searching and finding the correct colours for jersey flat sheet, jersey fitted bedsheets ,jersey pillow case and jersey fitted duvet cover according to room decor.
2. Covering whole bed with jersey knitted fitted sheets and jersey duvet covers made of 100% pure Turkish cotton.
3. Finally we together created a bed that reflected your personal style.

Kobe Textile Jersey available in a range of vibrant colors, this jersey knit duvet cover provides adds an alluring element to your bedroom.You can also pair jersey duvet cover and jersey bed sheet with the different colours in the collection, jersey flat sheet, jersey fitted sheet and jersey pillowcases, for a complete jersey-themed bedding experience you’ll love.

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